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Gérardmer, town from Vosge of 10 000 inhabitants, sees her population doubling in winter and multiplying by three in summer. The reasons of this growth are very simple: mountains, where expose runways covered with a thick snow-covered coat, allow the amateurs of glide to discover natural landscapes, rich in fauna and in flora.
The amateurs of fishing and water-based recreation come as for them to make a reserve of pure air at the edge of lakes and stream of the region.
A wide range of cultural and sports activities is proposed to the summer vacationers, as well as the courses of hikes through forests from Vosge.
Gérardmer, synonymic city of tourism, is also the land of welcome of several big demonstrations, such as the party of Daffodils, The Triathlon of Gérardmer, and naturally the Festival of the Fantasy movie Fantastic' Arts, the cultural event in the colors of the 7th art. An opportunity furthermore for Gérardmer to liven up and take on her most beautiful festive clothes.

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    The party of Daffodils


    Participate in the party 30 in 40 tanks covered with daffodils.
    6 000 000 of the daffodils are picked for the procession of floral floats.

    On average 350 000 flowers for a tank .

    The party takes place every 2 years

  • website the party of Daffodils
  • carnaval

    Next party of the daffodils in 14 April, 2013

    Festival of the fantasy movie


    Every year: at the end of January / beginning February, all the city lives in the fantasy.


  • website festival of the fantasy movie